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You are just seconds away from the training, advice and support you need to help you take your French to the next level!

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You've been learning French for a while but you feel stuck at intermediate level...

You understand French from textbooks but spoken French seems like a different language to you... 

You struggle memorizing new words and you forget them almost instantly...

You lack of opportunities to speak French in your daily life... 

You are not consistent with your French learning and you lack of motivation...

Thankfully, all of this is behind you...


Introducing the Piece of French Club

The Club is the place to be for intermediate French learners.

We provide you with our unique frameworktrainings & resources so that you can finally understand & speak French confidently! 

PLUS you will find the community support you need to keep you on track! 


The Club will allow you to...


Improve your understanding of spoken French (including slang!)

Expand your vocabulary & better memorize new vocabulary

Practice your French speaking skills!

Learn French grammar naturally without textbook

Meet passionate French learners from around the world

Get a special access to Elsa


If you love the Piece of French YouTube channel, 

you're going to love the Club!

Salut, c'est Elsa !


I was born and raised in France. A few years ago, I moved to Israel and started teaching French to my boyfriend Doron. What first started as a way to help him communicate with my friends and family grew into a real passion. It is so fulfilling to help someone learn a new language and I can't wait to help you!

I believe that language learning should be fun and interesting to be effective. This is exactly why I created the Piece of French YouTube channel in 2019 and the Piece of French Club. Through videos about real-life topics, learn French as it is actually spoken by real people and gain new vocabulary in its context, while improving your comprehension and pronunciation skills! 

Start learning differently

When you started learning French, the process was fun! Every word you learn was useful right away: verbs like aimer, manger; adjectives like petit, grand.

Now that you reached an intermediate level, you encounter more specific vocabulary which is harder to use on a daily basis. Therefore, you might have the impression that you’re not progressing as much as before.


The same thing goes for French grammar. You began with the present tense. Next, you learn le passé composé and le futur proche. And when you reach a French intermediate level, you discover other tenses used to express more subtle nuances such as le subjonctif or le conditionnel.

Does that sound like you? No worries, you are not alone! You've hit the French intermediate plateau. Getting stuck at intermediate level when learning a language is a well-known phenomenon and it's totally normal! 

The solution? You have to stop learning like a beginner and start immersing yourself in the French language. How do you do that? You have to consume a LOT of content at the RIGHT level

What is the right level? It's content which is slightly above your current level so you keep learning without feeling overwhelmed.


The problem is that there is not a lot of content available out there created for intermediate French learners. Often the content available is either too easy and boring when it’s for beginners or too hard and frustrating when it’s for natives.


At Piece of French, that's exactly what we offer you. We create content tailor-made for intermediate French learners.

But at the moment, you are using only 50% of the potential our videos have to help you take your French to the next level... 

In the Club, you will get access to mini-courses for each YouTube video following a specific framework designed to help you improve on all aspects of the French language (speaking, listening, reading & writing). 


Christian, Germany

C'est super de pouvoir apprendre le français en s'amusant !

J'aime bien le Club parce que c'est génial de pouvoir écouter les épisodes comme podcasts en faisant du sport ou en conduisant. J'adore vraiment les sujets de la vie quotidienne qui sont toujours présentés d'une langue naturelle et d'une manière très décontractée.


Ça m'aide énormément d'avoir des PDFs avec des explications du vocabulaire et de la grammaire - c'est super de pouvoir apprendre le français en s'amusant !


The Piece of French Club is built on 3 core pillars



Get access to exclusive content to study the Piece of French videos in depth



Follow a guided framework to make the most of our content & improve on all aspects of the French language



Get advice, motivation & support from a community of link-minded French learners to help you stay motivated & on track!

Exclusive content library

In the Club, you will access exclusive content for each video to unlock its full potential, including: 

- Full transcript

- Vocabulary list 

- Downloadable audio version

- Interactive Flashcards

- Comprehension quizzes 

- Grammar explanations


Our unique framework

We don't only give you exclusive content but we give you a framework and some simple steps to follow to make the best out of each piece of content. 

A supportive community

By joining the Club, you access a private forum.


It is the place to go for answers to your questions, to get feedback, gain support or simply get to know other like minded French learners who are going through the same struggles as you. 

Piece of Hebrew Forum
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Monthly Live Zoom Calls

Each month, you can join our live member Zoom call to practice French speaking and meet other members! 

We meet each month to talk about a specific topic so you can finally have the opportunity to practice speaking!

What does a lesson look like ?


You like the Piece of French YouTube videos? Great! 

In the Club, for each of our YouTube videos, you will find exclusive content to study this video in depth and work on all aspects of the French language following our unique framework.

👀 Watch

In the Club, you get access to an ad-free version of the video where the subtitles are optional (unlike on YouTube where subtitles are built-in) allowing you to challenge your comprehension skills even more. 


📄Read & Listen 

Read the full transcript of the video while listening to the downloadable audio version. Reading and listening at the same time is a magical combination that will help you expand your vocabulary, learn grammar naturally and improve your speaking and listening skills!

✅ Comprehension quiz

Test your understanding of the video with a fun and interactive quiz with a mix of question types. 

🗝️ Keywords 

Review the keywords of the video in context within sentences with a set of flashcards and audio recordings so you can repeat after Elsa! Always learn vocabulary in context, you will memorize it much better and you will learn how to form grammatically correct sentences naturally! 

Vocabulary quiz

To remember new vocabulary, you have to repeat it over and over. With this fun quiz mixing different types of questions, you will memorize it much better and without efforts! 

👉 Your turn! 

At the end of each course, we give you a mission to complete so you can put into practice what you have learned during the course. 

When relevant, you will also find in some courses: 

  • a grammar section explaining the most tricky grammar points with interactive exercices to test yourself 

  • pronunciation section to understand tricky pronunciation points, especially the difference between oral and written French

And if you have any questions or any doubt, we are here to answer everything in detail in the private forum for Club members only!

Ellen - testimonial.png

Ellen, USA

J’apprécie le mélange d’âges et de nationalités !


J’ai rejoint le club Piece of French d’Elsa il y a près d’un an.  Son matériel vidéo devient de plus en plus intéressant, et son nouvel ajout de réunions Zoom une fois par mois pour les membres a été très agréable.  


En tant que femme plus âgée qui souhaite améliorer mon français, j’apprécie particulièrement le mélange d’âges et de nationalités des autres membres du club.


Elsa a trouvé un moyen d’encourager les étudiants à tous les niveaux de français.  Merci Elsa!

14-day money back guarantee

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When you join the Piece of French Club, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 14 days after purchasing your membership, just let us know and we'll send you a refund. No questions asked! 

Get instant access to the Club!

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