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147. Sur la route

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This video is available for free on YouTube but by joining this program, you will access exclusive content to study this video in depth and work on all aspects of the French language following my unique framework. Exclusive content: - list of the keywords of the video to review before watching the video - video without ads and with optional subtitles so you can challenge your comprehension - full transcript of the video - downloadable audio for on-the-go listening - flashcards with audio recordings so you can repeat after me - comprehension quiz to test your understanding of the topic - private group discussion to ask me all your questions How do I join the program? You have 2 options: - You only want to study this video: buy this program as a stand alone program with a single payment. Sales are final. - You want to study this video and other Piece of French videos + you want to join a community of like-minded French learners with a private forum and monthly Zoom conversation classes: join the Piece of French Club with our monthly or annual membership


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