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I know, spoken French can sometimes sound like a totally different language 🤯

That’s why I’ve created the Master French Comprehension program!

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French learning program for intermediate learners


The Club is the place to be for intermediate French learners.

We provide you with our unique framework and tailor-made trainings & resources so that you can finally speak French confidently! 

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C'est super de pouvoir apprendre le français en s'amusant !

J'aime bien le Club parce que c'est génial de pouvoir écouter les épisodes comme podcasts en faisant du sport ou en conduisant. J'adore vraiment les sujets de la vie quotidienne qui sont toujours présentés d'une langue naturelle et d'une manière très décontractée.


Ça m'aide énormément d'avoir des PDFs avec des explications du vocabulaire et de la grammaire - c'est super de pouvoir apprendre le français en s'amusant !

Christian, Germany

Salut, c'est Elsa !


I was born and raised in France. A few years ago, I moved to Israel and started teaching French to my boyfriend Doron. What first started as a way to help him communicate with my friends and family grew into a real passion. It is so fulfilling to help someone learn a new language and I can't wait to help you!

I believe that language learning should be fun and interesting to be effective. This is exactly why I created the Piece of French YouTube channel in 2019 and the Piece of French Club. Through videos about real-life topics, learn French as it is actually spoken by real people and gain new vocabulary in its context, while improving your comprehension and pronunciation skills! 


All my recommendations from books and apps to learn French to gear & tech I use to create my videos and work from home!

Polyglot Steve Kaufmann's Expert Advice for French Language Learners 🤓

Polyglot Steve Kaufmann's Expert Advice for French Language Learners 🤓

The secrets of a polyglot to overcome French learning challenges! Join me for a conversation in French with renowned polyglot Steve Kaufmann, who speaks and learns 20 languages! In this conversation in French (with subtitles), Steve addresses the common challenges French learners face, including improving oral comprehension, overcoming the fear of speaking, and effectively remembering vocabulary and grammar rules. I hope you fill find this conversation useful! La chaîne de Steve: @Thelinguist ✨ Do you want to watch this video WITHOUT ADS and with OPTIONAL SUBTITLES to challenge yourself? It's available in the Piece of French Club! Join the Club: In the Club, you will also access exclusive content to study this video in depth: transcript, audio, vocabulary list, tricky grammar points explained, interactive flashcards, access to a private forum, monthly Zoom conversation classes... Start today: 📚 Get your FREE EBOOK with all my best tips to take your French to the next level: ✅ Subscribe for a new video (almost!) every Wednesday:​ 🗣️Practice French conversation on italki (get $10 credits after your first $20 purchase): 💻 Learn French with TV shows on Lingopie: 🐶 Sign up to Trusted House sitters and explore sits opportunities in France: Use code FRENCH25 at checkout to get 25% off all new memberships 🛜 NordVPN - watch French TV shows from wherever you are in the world: or use coupon code pieceoffrench RECOMMENDED BOOKS (for beginners / intermediate learners) ○ My favorite grammar book (A1-B1): (Amazon) ○ Collection Lire en français facile (A1-B2): (Amazon) ○ Ratatouille: (Amazon) ○ Le Petit Nicolas: (Amazon) Read & listen at the same time, this will allow you to expand your vocabulary, learn grammar naturally and improve your pronunciation in no time! You can find French audiobooks on Audible: FILMING EQUIPMENT ○ Camera: (Amazon) ○ Tripod: (Amazon) ○ Microphone: (Amazon) ABOUT PIECE OF FRENCH Welcome to Piece of French, an immersive French learning experience! Follow me in my daily life as a native French speaker and learn French as it is actually spoken by real people. Gain vocabulary and master new idoms in their context, while improving your comprehension and pronunciation skills. Piece of French videos are more targeted at intermediate French learners. French video with English subtitles and French subtitles! Learn French in a fun and authentic way thanks to real-life videos with a native French speaker! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week! ❤ Elsa